A documentary about Bryndís Pétursdóttir and geopathic stressMotvaegi-Still


Balance is a documentary about Bryndís Pétursdóttir, geopathic stress, electromagnetic waves and the effects on these invisible and untouchable phenomenae on the well-being of people. Bryndís senses those waves and makes them harmless with the Balance cube she invented. We meet people she assists and hear explanations and counter-arguments from specialists who research those waves. 

Bryndís Pétursdóttir is a horticulturist and mother of four. She lives in a small town in the north of Iceland. She was psychic as a child and a few years ago she was chosen to help people who are not feeling well. She is very sensitive to disturbances she felt in many places and started to research them. She got to know geopathic stress and finds a way to create a counterbalance. She designs equipment which bends the waves and makes them harmless, the counterbalance cube.

Gudbergur Davidsson, director/producer.

Anna Thora Steinthorsdottir, editor. 

Gunnar Arnason, sound-design.

David Gudbergsson, musik 

The film is 52 minutes and shot in HD.


Pósthólf 5481 • 125 Reykjavík •

Hönnun og uppsetning, Hugsa sér ehf
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