Lady of the Mountain


Lady of the Mountain (Fjallkonan)


Fjallkonan mynd



The summer of 2004 two engineer from Seyðisfjörður found a three-blade broach and an oval broach high in the Mountains of East Fjords in Iceland. Archaeologists arrived on the scene under the direction of Sigurd Bergsteinsson.  They discover remains of a Viking woman, some jewelry and over 500 pearls.

Who was this woman?  What was she doing in the mountains, all by herself?


The finding was unique, never before have so many artifacts from a Viking woman been found in an open country.


The film is produced in collaboration with the National Museum and Archaeological Heritage Bank.


Guðbergur Davidsson-director


Orn Marino Arnarson-editing


Hall Ingólfsson -Music


Sunna Sigurdardottir-drawings



Duration;  28 min.



Pósthólf 5481 • 125 Reykjavík •

Hönnun og uppsetning, Hugsa sér ehf
Ljósop, merki
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