Arctic Fox

The Arctic Fox

A documentary film

Heimasida B


This is a poetic and authentic story describing the life cycle of the arctic fox. This documentary is a story of a miracle; a survival of a family of arctic foxes in a harsh Icelandic environment.

After a long and cold winter a vixen gives life to five fox cubs and the adventure begins. The cubs, that are born blind, are weaned from their mother only 10 weeks old and the lessons of life begin. Twelve weeks old the cubs leave the den, by then mostly managing on their own. They find a spouse and mark their territory. One year old they are bringing up a new generation of cubs with their first litter. The circle is closed. 

The storyline will be authentic and poetic at the same time, where the on-going interplay of nature and the forces of nature, create the eternal circle of life. We will place our emphasis on cinematography and excitement, creating clear “fox-characters” with both amusing and dramatic stories. The foxes will have a strong presence in this film as we will try to fulfill every condition of a successful characterization to keep our audience entertained and amazed while watching. This is a wildlife documentary where humans will play a very small role, if any. 

The Hornstrandir Nature Reserve was established in 1975.Hornstrandir is Iceland's northernmost peninsula and is one of few regions where the arctic foxes are protected in Iceland. Field mice are common in the area, but foxes are the prevailing mammals. Due to the protection, the arctic foxes in Hornstrandir have become tame and curious of the people passing by during the summer.The area is only accessible by boats.

The film will be shoot in HD  and length is estimated to be 27  and  52 minutes.

We scheduled to begin filming in spring 2013 and completed in the summer of 201, the film will be ready in late autumn 2014

Ljósop Ltd. is producing the film Artic Fox and has produced documentaries and

television series for many years, mostly for the Icelandic market.

World Sales : Heather Millard, Spier Films

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